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Preparing for Your First Personalized Workout

What to Know and How to Get Ready

EMS studio: the best place for full-body strength training
Getting started with Strongvibe

Achieve Your Fitness Goals with a Strong Foundation

At Strongvibe, we understand the importance of your first session with EMS technology. It sets the tone for your entire fitness journey and determines the effectiveness of your workouts. That's why we take a personalized approach to every client's first session. Our highly trained EMS specialists will guide you through the process and tailor the workout to your individual needs and fitness level.

By focusing on proper form and technique, we ensure that you get the most out of your EMS workout and minimize the risk of injury. Your first session is the foundation for building strength, toning your body, and reducing cellulite with low-impact, full-body workouts using EMS technology. Let us help you achieve your fitness goals and reach your full potential with EMS.

20-minute EMS workout: perfect for busy schedules
Be Prepared and Maximize Your Results

5-Step Checklist for Your First EMS Session

Ready to get started with your first Strongvibe session? During your first session, we'll talk about your prior health and fitness background and your training objectives for Strongvibe EMS. You'll also take part in a body composition analysis before suiting up in our specialized training suit.

After your workout, we'll walk you through our membership options. The length of your first Strongvibe session is about 45 minutes, but our EMS training sessions last 20 minutes after your introductory session.

Schedule a session and download the app

Download our Mindbody app and schedule a session with an EMS specialist at Strongvibe to discuss your fitness goals and any physical limitations or injuries.

Skip the gym attire

Due to the specific training outfit (shirt and shorts) that conducts the EMS technology, you won't require standard gym attire. Over the training outfit, your muscles are strapped with a vest and straps containing electrodes.

Stay hydrated

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water before and after your EMS session to help with muscle recovery. Avoid any severe exercise or excessive alcohol intake for 24 to 48 hours prior to each session.

Stay energized

Eat a light meal or snack at least an hour before your EMS session to provide your body with the energy it needs for the workout.

Set a goal

Let us create your perfect training plan. Tell us your goals and previous obstacles, and we'll personalize a plan to help you achieve your fitness aspirations and help you reach your full potential.

Ready to get started with your first Strongvibe session?

At Strongvibe, we're committed to helping you achieve your fitness goals safely and effectively. With our EMS workout, you can be sure that you're getting a therapeutic and wellness-focused workout that is tailored to your needs. Book your first session today and experience the Strongvibe difference!

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Ready to experience the future of fitness? Book your EMS workout session today and embark on a journey to a stronger, healthier you.

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